This Web Site was created to honor the men of the 107th Cavalry who served during WW II. They have been called The Greatest Generation, over 400,000 American service men and women paid the ultimate sacrifice to secure the freedoms that we enjoy today. Duty, Honor, Country were not just words, they were ideals which epitomized their generation and they volunteered by the millions to what had to be done.This web site is a pictorial history of the 107th from 1940 through the end of WW II. Many of the Company F pictures come from my father’s collection. The majority of the other photos come from other 107th troopers and their personal collections. I want to thank them all for giving me the opportunity to share their history with the world. The 107th Cavalry played a small part in history but they served with distinction.Enjoy their history and God Bless them one and all.